Joint Russian-Chinese 
 master degree program

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Shanghai & Moscow

Two international diplomas

Study in English




Academic degree 

Master of aircraft / engine engineering

Entrance examination

Exam in the discipline of aircraft / engine engineering  in English

Period of study

2,5 years (1 year in Shanghai, 1 year in Moscow, 6 months in Shanghai)

Students dormitory

Сurator support

Study in English


Designing of aircraft structures made of polymer composite materials

You will become an international specialist in the field of materials science!

Aircraft engines

You will learn the basics of designing and thermodynamics. You will become a specialist with an international diploma!

Product lifecycle management technologies in the designing of modern aircraft

 You will learn how to manage a work group and bring ideas to life!

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You can leave a request to get a personal consultation with the mentor. You will receive more detailed information about admission and about studying in different directions.

I want to get a consultation

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Mentors of the program

Experienced specialists who are already helping the fourth stream of masters. They will accompany you from the interview to graduation.

Ekaterina Rybakova

Ekaterina has been working at the MAI-SJTU joint Institute since 2018.

Ekaterina has three higher education degrees. Ekaterina received her master's degree in engine engineering from MAI-SJTU. 

Alexander Khvan

Alexander has been accepting students at MAI-SJTU since 2016.

Alexander has 3 higher education degrees. He is the youngest teacher at MAI.

Anna Katkina 

Anna has been managing the master's program since 2018.

Anna has been working in the field of international relations for more than seven years.

What do our students say?


Ilya Konstantinov is a 2017 graduate.
Ilya is working on creating educational programs for higher education.

"MAI-SJTU gave me the opportunity to prove myself not only in my career, but also in science. I'm happy that I didn't miss this chance"


Daniil Lupachev is a master's student.

"Shanghai is an amazing city. It is difficult to move to another country. But it was a very important experience for me"


Polina is a graduate of the master's program. Now she is a specialist in the International Department.

"The Shanghai education system is very interesting and unusual. In my opinion, this is a huge advantage of the joint Institute. You can try something new"


Victoria is a graduate of the master's program.

"For me, a master's degree at MAI-SJTU is not only a study, but also an experience. Traveling around China, meeting new people, and immersing yourself in culture is an important part of a joint Institute"


Why should you study with us?

Joint multinational study-groups

During the entire period of study, students study in joint groups. The course is taught in English. Such experience is very important for creating a successful career.

A year and a half in Shanghai

The first academic year is held in Shanghai. In the second year, students go to Moscow, where they study at the Moscow Aviation Institute. Students spend the last six months of their master's degree again in Shanghai.

High place in the ranking

SJTU ranks 4th in the ranking of the most prestigious universities in China. This University is in the top 50 worldwide.

MAI ranks 30th in the national ranking of universities.

Development of language skills

In our master's program, you will learn 2 of the most important languages of world communication: English and Chinese. A good level of spoken English is required for admission. You can learn technical English and Chinese from scratch.

How much does it coast to study in a joint master's program?

We offer two forms of study

Basic information

Study is paid for semesters. MAI and Shanghai Jiaotong University offer students a dormitory at the university campus. Flights and accommodation costs are paid depending on the chosen form of study.



1 100 000 ₽

for two and a half years of study

education in English

consultation of mentors

additional courses

expenses in Moscow and in Shanghai

airplane tiket


2 100 000 ₽

for two and a half years of study

education in English

consultation of mentors

additional courses

airplane ticket and habitation in Moscow and Shanghai

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of MAI

PHD in engineering, member of the Presidium of the Academy of aviation and Aeronautics Sciences

Doctor of engineering, Professor, head of the laboratory of paint and varnish materials

PHD in engineering, Deputy Director of the Institute "Aviation, rocket engines and power plants"

Doctor of engineering, Professor, head of The research Department "New structures and materials"


Head of the SJTU composite materials Department


Deputy Dean, Professor

Head of department

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Feel what it's like to be the student at the MAI - SJTU joint Institute.


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